A property owned by one party on which a second party reserves the right to make a valid claim, e.g., a bank's holding of a home mortgage encumbers property. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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encumbered en‧cum‧bered [ɪnˈkʌmbəd ǁ -ərd] adjective PROPERTY LAW
encumbered property has a mortgage, lease, charge etc on it:

• the late general's encumbered estate

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encumbered UK US /ɪnˈkʌmbəd/ adjective
LAW, PROPERTY if a property is encumbered, there is a mortgage or other charge on it: »

Transfer of encumbered property can have negative tax implications.

if a person or an organization is encumbered, there is something that makes it difficult for them to do things: encumbered by/with sth »

The firm is encumbered by debt, and may need to sell off assets.


Online stores are not encumbered with the overheads of high-street stores.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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